YOGA: Yoga is an ancient Indian body of knowledge (energy flow of the 7 Chakras) that dates back more than 500 years ago. During that time in ancient China was developed in parallel a similar art called Qi-Gong. And later in Japan several traditions from China and India have immersed together and created Zen meditation.
Here in the West, there are similar cultures. Best known are the shamanic and the Celtic tradition. Both also deliver forms to train the flow of energy and certain paths to tread the knowledge.




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Wellness hike

During our relaxing walk through the ancient olive groves of Corfu we make a basic introduction to the secrets of nature:
– what is the role of water as a source of life in us and in our planet?
– Are the trees give much to the water balance of the earth?
– What are the tasks to meet all the microorganisms in our body and earth?
– what affects the most important medicinal plants?
– what is the connection between our emotional state and our respective illnesses?

On our three-hour hike we explore especially the medicinal plants and trees that we find on the road. Every now and then we settle down to discuss the above issues.