HikingWith our offered excursion (in cooperation with our partners of “Escape Travel”) our guests have the possibility to discover one of the nicest destinations all around Honigtal:

The bus brings us up to the situated approx. 300 metres high mountain village of Krini. From there we walk to the old rock fortress Angelókastro. After visiting the Byzantine castle, there is the possibility to have a rest in a tavern.

Our way back leads about an old mule path and through shady olive groves back to the bay of San Georgios. On the way there is a lot of interesting to find out about the nature , the country and people.

Excursion to Angelokastro

HikingDiscover one of the most beautiful destinations around the Honigtal – farmland: the ancient fortress
“Angelokastro” – Angelos castle.
It was finished in the beginning of the Venetian occupation of Corfu ,in 1386 . There are archaeological finds from as early as 700-800 ad.
Excavations were carried out in 1914 by the German archaeologist W. Doerpfeld. There is numerous literature about that.
The fortress Angelokastro has been accessible to visitors again for several years. Inside the old fortress there is a cave chapel and ancient rock tombs.
Probably the most impressive thing about Angelokastro is the breathtaking view over the north-west of Corfu and the Ionian Sea!

Excursion program:
Guest take our bus from “Escape Travel” towards the old mountain village of Krini. The walk from there to Angelokastro takes about 10 min.
After the visit, we explore the picturesque mountain villages of Krini and Makrades, situated at the foot of Angelokastro.
Everyone who wants to make the trip back on foot , can take the old donkey trail leading through a rock wall to our bay Agios Georgios. The view always invites you to linger and old olive trees offer pleasant shade. The walk takes about 2 hours .


HikingWe take the route via land to Palaiokastritsa, one of the most beautiful and most visited parts
on the west coast of Corfu.
The impressive landscape guiding to the blue sea is surrounded by rough hills, steep coastline,
rich green vegetation with cypress trees and olive trees.
The mountain village Lakones lays right above Palaiokastritsa and offers the most breath
taking view of the sea and Corfu.
At the seaside there are several small beaches, bays and several caves.. waiting for you to be
explored! You can also snorkel and swim.
Palaiokastritsa offers cultural & traditional features as well :
There is a monastery on one of the rocks in the bay, it is dedicated to the Godmother Maria.
It is one of the oldest orthodox monasteries of Corfu- founded at the end of the 12th century.
Visitors can see the old Venetian bell tower, a museum with rare icons and bibles, wall
paintings. There is a beautiful flower garden, too.