• Good morning

    A new day in Honigtal has just began

  • a full breakfast buffet

    with fruit, cereal, homemade rolls, sausage, jam and eggs from our chickens.

  • Large buffet...

    with delicious food, to choose from depending from the weekly menu & event

  • Greek night

    Greek is the easiest language in the world! Because it needs only a few words…

  • Pizza night

    Enjoy our home made pizza baked in a traditional brick oven

  • Fish night

    Every Wednesday we serve fresh fish from our local sea

  • Finish your day...

    with a nice glas of wine at our bar

Food Program

For generations, our fields and animals have given us all that is needed for life. The earth of Corfu, blessed with sun and water, allows us to produce  fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, meat, oil, olives, honey and wine. We produce about a ton of olive oil and three tons of wine per year.

Since 2008, Andreas, 40, our manager and chef, has been running the restaurant and tavern business of the Honigtal Farmland with 75%  coverage of needs for the kitchen from our own products , with authentic, Greek and especially Corfiot dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes. The daily menu always depends on the daily fresh produce of our fields . Andreas has completed his 5-year apprenticeship as a cook, somelier and pastry chef in New York, and worked there for several years as a  restaurant head chef. (Culinary Institute of New York (CINY). He was also a lecturer at the state cookery school in Corfu.

Honigtal- Farmland offers you a varied, balanced and high-quality half-board with breakfast buffet and dinner. For the small appetite  in between  we  provide  always freshly prepared snacks. We offer a vegetarian buffet on Mondays, as well as vegetarian meals for halfboard on request.

Weekly schedule

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Traditional Greek Menu
  • Traditional Greek Menu
  • Fish Night
  • Traditional Greek Menu
  • Pizza Night
  • Traditional Greek Menu
  • Greek Night

Greek menu

The Greek menu is served every Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The menu is a buffet, and has traditional Greek menu with many Greek menuCorfiot dishes.

The menu has a starter, one or two kind of salads, children food , main dish for adults, vegetarian food, and dessert.

Some of our starters and main dishes are: calamari, tzatziki, mousaka, stifado, sofrito, souvlaki, lamp and many other traditional dishes and starters.

*Greek menu is changing every 2 weeks.

Fish night

Every Wednesday we serve fresh fish from our local sea. We mainly serve gilthead and sargus.

To accompany your fish, Greek menulocal wine is ideal, or for those more daring ouzo is recommended with fish dishes.

Sargus and gilthead are two of the most delicious fishes around Greek sea, slowly grilled to perfection served with vegetables and more.

Pizza night


cheese, tomato


eggplant, squash, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and feta


bacon, ham, variety of cheese, mushrooms ,tomatoes

Greek night

Greek is the easiest language in the world! Because it needs only a few words, but a lot of facial expressions, gestures and humor … and since it is eating and drinking are known to easily learn, we try our new language skills of the same for some delicious Greek meze dishes!

And incidentally, in conversation at the table we learn all about customs and cultures of the island of Corfu: what is significance of the olive growing, as one distinguishes the different types of olive oil?

How does it work with the tourism in Corfu and how the locals go about with the many strangers?
and and and … … and among all the questions, do not forget: “Mipos thelete allo enan ouzo …?” – Is the most important among the Greeks and remains as the joy of life …!


  • Coffee or tea
  • Homemade wood-fired bread
  • Seasonal fruit, Greek yogurt
  • Fresh whole milk, jam and honey
  • Fresh eggs from our chickens and freshly cooked omelet
  • cereal with organic ingredients linseed, pumpkin and sunflower
  • Seeds walnuts, almonds
  • Sausage, cheese and feta cheese


  • Salads, sandwiches
  • Tzatziki, saganaki
  • Freshly fries
  • Pancakes
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce


  • The dinner served in a buffet in the lounge/breakfast area
  • Our dinner changes every day
  • Four times a week, there is the Greek menu with a variety of traditional Corfiot and Greek dishes.
  • Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday we have special nights with fresh fish, meat and pizza.


Awakening with the sound of cicadas and birds ( and ..most probably with
some noises of our various animals 🙂 ..) the smell of coffee and fresh
bread will invite you to our daily open air BREAKFAST BUFFET
We offer fresh & seasonal fruit , Greek feta and Greek yogurt, our home
made honey, fresh milk, eggs from our hens.
You have the choice of cheeses, ham and more, various kinds of always
fresh bread.
We offer a big variety of seeds for your muesli.
A great start into your holiDAY !


Our dinner buffet is open for our guests every evening with freshly prepared healthy food for all.
We offer a variety of salads, special traditional Corfiot dishes every evening. There are soups, warm
dishes, cold dishes, special children’s meals and choices for all tastes.
Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are also possible.
We give our best to present the healthy Mediterranean diet to you, supplying our kitchen mostly
with our own, home-grown, products.
Pizza, fish and BBQ evenings are a regular must during each week.
Extra guests are always welcome to join. Please give notice one day before!

A small selection for you:

The little meat sticks, Suvlakia! Freshly chopped leaf vegetables, Chorta! Fresh, mixed salad, choriatiki! Yogurt with cucumber and garlic, Tatziki! Baked cheese, Saganaki!

It is a great pleasure for us to spoil you! Kali Orexi! Good Appetite !

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